Wed 24th March

Charles Jeffrey Joins Agency Eleven

Text   Agency Eleven Studio
Hailing from Glasgow via London, we’re excited to welcome the LOVERBOY himself into our tight-knit community of creative wonders that are reframing the fashion industry.

It’s been five years since he launched his label and Charles Jeffrey is making just as much noise as he was during those early beginnings. And even though he isn’t able to do all those things that preceded the birth of LOVERBOY as a fashion brand – aka clubbing – he is continually reinventing the ethos of his label. Creativity, community and an unapologetic love of dressing up, even if the only dance floor is the one in your kitchen. Existing within those borders, the true meaning of LOVERBOY is anything you want it to be, and that’s exactly why Charles makes the perfect addition to Agency ELEVEN.

How does he feel about this fresh partnership? ”I’m thrilled! LOVERBOY is embarking on a whole new chapter and it felt so right to do it with Agency ELEVEN. I have loads of friends here too – Martine, Liam, Per, Nicholas, Jordan and Luca… It’s like being back in Paris doing the showrooms again! I’ve been engaging with the agency for years as a stylist, calling in samples for editorials and they have always been so friendly and professional! I just feel like you understand where the brand needs to go,” he says.

Charles created this custom illustration celebrating his partnership with Agency ELEVEN

Just as Charles gears up for the release of his AW21 collection, the UK is marking a year since its first lockdown. How did this period affect Charles and his creative process? “It’s actually made me a lot more efficient and strangely, I have a lot more clarity of mind. It allowed me to indulge in lots of new interests, like sound design and movie editing. I’m a novice at both but it’s so rewarding making small bits of content.” Proving that his universe can make just as much of an impact in the digital realm, Charles has been consistently bringing out projects that embody the rebellious spirit his stories are synonymous with.

From a live-streamed talent showcase in support of Black Pride and launching a TikTok account to creating physical memorabilia in support of his SS21 collection as captured by the legendary lensman Tim Walker – LOVERBOY has had a pretty busy lockdown. But as we collectively pave the way forward in search of a better tomorrow, Charles shares the things he is most looking forward to in 2021. “I’m excited about prospects of doing physical events again, potentially even going dancing. For me, fashion is not only about the clothing – it’s about the world it inhabits. For the last year, we have just focused on digital worlds, which is great, but for me the physical is so important. Having control of people’s environments when they are faced with your work is so exciting. Just thinking about all of the senses and the music… Eurgh, I can’t wait to fill a room with music whilst my designs are stomping out.” Here’s to the brighter future, infused with the spirit of LOVERBOY!

Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY will soon be revealing his AW21 collection ‘GLOOM’ via

Top image by Tim Walker for Charles Jeffrey SS21.