Thu 4th June

What’s Keeping DUO Ltd’s Ivan Zinko Busy Right Now?

Text   Agency Eleven Studio

The 12-year-old hype master and one half of the Natasha Zinko x Duo Ltd dynamic duo shares his favourite isolation entertainment.

The world already knows Ivan Zinko as the fashion prodigy with a flawless wardrobe that’s popped up on just about every street style section out there. Thanks to the influence of his mother Natasha, he has been exposed to the design process from an early age and ever since SS19, has been running a brand of his own. As a menswear-focused branch of Natasha Zinko, DUO Ltd combines the streetwear-savvy aesthetics with the youthful joy of dressing up and disrupts any preconceptions of what’s wrong or right, good or bad. “I want to mix things up – fabrics, masculine and feminine… It’s been drummed into us that certain things are wrong, but it’s usually the wrong things that are more fun” says Ivan.

This June, the mother-son duet are showing their next collaborative collection as part of the digital iteration of London Fashion Week in the form of a video shot in their motherland of Odessa, featuring a collaboration with Beats by Dre. So, in order to scratch under the surface of his current inspirations, we asked Ivan to share his favourite isolation entertainment.


“I just finished Pulp Fiction for the second time. amazing movie. costume design and colour schemes are majorly inspirational. I think it remains iconic, to this day, because of the abruptly fluent randomness of the plot and sudden dark comedy.”


“Currently perfecting my new Apple Music playlist – DUO ltd SOUND. Lots of techno, [Quentin] Tarantino’s film soundtracks (You Never Can Tell by Chuck Berry), old school rap, new-ish Tame Impala such as The Less I Know The Better...”


Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson, the inspiration for my new DUO Ltd collection. I’m currently on page 184 via iBooks. So far: some very quote-able pages and lines, including “We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold.” Trying to finish reading quickly so I can watch the film.”

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