Tue 13th April

London College of Fashion Students Capture the Essence of Agency Eleven

Text   Agency Eleven Studio
While studying the evolving art of PR and communications during the pandemic, LCF students collaborated with Agency Eleven on creating videos that explore the narrative of a PR agency in today's media landscape.

Being a student during a global pandemic isn’t easy. In addition to facing all the usual anxieties that are part of this monumental time in one’s life, you are also challenged by the lack of access to your University as well as being apart from the other people that are going through the same thing. But at the same time, there is a certain amount of power in learning about the world at its most difficult as it prepares you for anything that might happen in the years to come. For Year 1 students of the BA course in PR & Communication at London College of Fashion, this period is particularly tough as the field they are studying happens to be in a manic state of flux. So in an effort to explore the momentum, Agency ELEVEN teamed up with the course in creating digital content that promotes the Agency as a brand, coinciding with the upcoming AW21 Digital Press Day. “This project presented a unique opportunity for students to experience first-hand how the discipline of fashion communication has evolved during this global pandemic,” says Stephanie Barker-Fry, freelance consultant and Lecturer on the course that led this assignment. “As first year students who have had to bear a somewhat limited and unusual university experience due to the pandemic, collaborating with a progressive agency like Agency ELEVEN has helped them understand how collaboration and respect for global cultures lies at the heart of the agency, themes very much reflected in our cohort,” she adds.

The 16 students that took the challenge were separated into three groups, each tasked with exploring a different aspect of Agency ELEVEN. Instead of working through promoting individual designers, they focused on branding the Agency as its own entity and capturing the story in a video format. They were assisted in this mission by the London filmmaking duo Joseph Delaney and Matt King.

Team Agency: Laura Klimaszewska, Ella Vinell, Anna Morelli, India Rosso, Federico Lepori & David Laufdal

The first team was assigned with producing a video that brings together the ethos of the Agency. “Our introduction to Agency ELEVEN made us realise that the agency is more than just PR – it’s the hub of unity and collaboration across the globe. It’s a place where international designers display their individual cultures yet converge into one agency at the heart of fashion central; London. Our team recognised the uniqueness in culture which the agency engineers and we primarily used it to address our key message in our video,” they say.

Bringing together signature visual elements of our tech-forward approach to PR, their video focuses on the idea of the number 11 and its meaning. Poetic, futuristic and global-thinking, this group admitted their biggest challenge was the fact they working together from different sides of the world. “Our team was also very international, native to countries including Italy, Sweden, Iceland, Japan and the UK. Being so worldwide meant compromising on meeting times but it also meant we were able to transform the focal point of our video to exhibit the beauty of diversity, combining all our cultures from personal experiences and archival footage.” Way to turn a weakness into a strength.

Team Fashion: Divya Samant, Jon Lenz, Kathleen Zhang & Maria Papakleanthous

Coming from a similar point-of-view that credits its international roots for its diverse approach to this brief, this group delved into the fashion aspect of a PR agency. “As all of our group members come from an international background, we all share this global outlook that we wanted to showcase through our video which also matches with the Agency’s global approach,” they explain. Finding inspiration in TV Garden, a multimedia installation by cult Korean American artist Nam June Paik, Team Fashion captured the zeitgeist of the industry which explores the beauty of URL while still celebrating the power of IRL. “We attempted to explore the human element within the dominating digital world. Through this approach we feel that we were able to truly experiment with and further understand the concept of communication itself,” they note.

Where this video hits the hardest is its acceptance of change as a catalyst for better times; something that’s always been at the heart of what Agency ELEVEN is about.  Noting “hope” and “unity” as symbols of both our ethos and the times we live in, Team Fashion skipped on giving answers and instead focused on asking the right questions. “We find the promise in liminality,” they claim. And you can’t do anything but agree.

Team Mood: Alisha Harrison, Anna Viazikova, Diana Stanimirova Teneva, Julia Rozanska, Justine Baylis & Jordann Sewell with music production by Gabe Bodinetz

If there’s anything that ties in all of the creatives that are part of Agency ELEVEN community – designers, stylists, editors, writers and more – it’s the love of a good ol’ fashioned party. And that’s where Team Mood went with their video. Using “contemporary” and “alternative” as two jumping off points, they came to the counterculture that is rave as a focus in expressing the mood behind the brand. They did this with a mix of archival footage from the 1990s and creating their own frames, laying some solid techno tracks over it and bringing a sense of nostalgia many of us can resonate with at the moment. They didn’t wait for clubs to open up – they created their own virtual one. 

Shooting around Shoreditch, just a stone throw away from the Agency ELEVEN HQ, the team paid homage to those who walked the streets before and those who will do so in the days to come. “Brick Lane is one of the most vibrant streets of London which attracts young people that are shaping the future of creative industries. This is why we thought it would be a great location for the final scene of the video,” they explain. But while it might find its inspo in the past, the end product is as sentimental as it is modern – and that’s just how we like it. 

These videos will be part of the Agency ELEVEN AW21 Digital Press Day which is coming up soon. Stay tuned…