Tue 2nd June

Martine Rose’s Message on Black Lives Matter

Text   Agency Eleven Studio

A cultural mover and shaker who also happens to be one of London’s menswear trailblazers, Martine Rose urges for change and justice in a message to her network.

We’re in the middle of a cultural revolution as part of which our world is finally starting to admit the severe issues it’s been growing within for hundreds of years. Things need to change and they need to change now, and part of that change is every one of us. Whatever colour your skin, it’s time to speak up for others. And to inspire you to move this conversation further and within your circle, we bring you the powerful words of designer who has been changing the face of fashion for a decade – Martine Rose, as published on her IG.

“Like many people right now I feel tearful and I feel tired. I don’t want to comment on the anger, grief, frustration and everything else I feel. I do want to say that it’s time for the entire fashion industry to stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with their black family, friends, employees and customers.

Every designer, every shop, every corporate group, all press – everyone who loves black culture, who has been inspired by black culture and who profits from black culture directly and indirectly (and that really is everyone) needs to speak up now, state their position and demand justice against systemic racism.

Our industry is one of immense wealth, influence and power – often adjacent to the people and institutions that run our countries. This has never been an issue for black individuals, community activists and those fighting for decades for change to resolve alone.

For those of you outside the black community who have in the past watched similar events unfold in horrified silence, uncomfortable with your position in this struggle, worried to offend or unsure of how to help – know that your black friends need you now to hear us, take action, and step up.”

Support the British branch of Black Lives Matter by donating, sharing, protesting, educating and volunteering. Find out more information about what you can do HERE.