Thu 10th February

Introducing Poster Girl, A Brand Designing IT Dresses For IT Parties

Text   Dino Bonacic
She's wild. She's hot. She's the centre of attention. She's a Poster Girl in her POSTER GIRL dress, a piece of heaven created with the purpose of showing its wearer the time of their life.

In so many ways, it makes total sense that the idea for POSTER GIRL was initially conceived during a real-life version of one of those pre-party, makeover film scenes. “We were at my house, getting ready to head down to the Queen Adelaide, wishing we had one of those fab 1990s chainmail dresses. It’s hard to find a well constructed chainmail garment as it’s a very particular material to work with. It was there and then that we decided to work together and start our own label that brought back our nostalgic teenage years into 2017. We wrote the – albeit brief – range plan on the back of a receipt. Fast forward six months later and our first collection of six garments was on the rack at Selfridges, ” remembers Francesca Capper, who co-founded POSTER GIRL back in 2017 with her friend Natasha Somerville. The two met during their time at Central Saint Martins and instantly bonded over their common ideas of what modern glamour looks like.

After multiple stints on design teams of different luxury fashion brands, the two reconvened during this night out before deciding to dive head first into their joint venture. “Looking back, it was so crucial for us to see how it works from the inside out and to witness how a collection forms from start to finish. For us, it was noticeable that a lot of houses were focused on an unreachable exclusive aesthetic, something we wanted to move away from and broaden with [our brand],” admits Natasha.


Ever since those early days, POSTER GIRL has steadily been building a portfolio of signature designs that pre-empted the mass revival of body-revealing silhouettes synonymous with 1990s and early Y2K style. Their dresses were defined as the ultimate party partners, ready to take the wearer and their audience on a wild ride. Confidence, sparkle and unapologetic levels of glam – it was all in there. Add to that the finest selection of IT girls wearing the pieces and… well, you’ve got yourself the ultimate success story in the form of POSTER GIRL.

If you own an Instagram or TikTok account, you have definitely encountered one of Natasha and Francesca’s pieces. Colourful, slashed at the right spot, tight where it needs to be – they cut their pieces masterfully, in textiles that might sound oh-so-odd but look oh-so-right. By dressing just about every cool girl with a taste for a bit of skin, their presence exploded over the last two years. Kylie Jenner, Megan Fox, Sita Abellán, Maya Jama… The list of international Poster Girls goes on and on, and expands with every day. Who was the one that felt most unexpected for the duo? “Dua Lipa wearing POSTER GIRL on the cover of the Moonlight Edition of her Future Nostalgia album, shot by Hugo Comte. The imagery is so breathtaking and should be hung in a museum.” 


But recognising POSTER GIRL just for its ridiculously long list of celeb clients would be completely dismissive of the brand’s core – bringing that IT girl attitude to whoever wears the piece. With a contemporary-level pricepoint and signature pieces that have a pretty flexible sizing nature, Natasha and Francesca are embracing a contemporary interpretation of femininity and elevating it to a place where high meets low. So often, brands that embrace skin and expose the female form get labelled as a temporary niche product. But the duo behind POSTER GIRL crushes this myth and does it so effortlessly.

Though it might not be as sexy to talk about, each of their pieces goes through stages of engineering due to the nature of the textiles they use. “We are very focused on developing and pushing unusual surface textures and new techniques. Our first foray in fabrication was micro-mesh chainmail, which gradually developed into prints and powermesh cut-outs. The shapewear capsule took us close to a year to develop and we are continuously pushing new categories,” explains Natasha, noting that the upcoming collection, for AW22, will showcase their latest developments in outerwear.


Amidst the preparations for their London Fashion Week debut, Natasha and Francesca admit they are currently a bit *too* busy for a night out. But with no holds barred, how do they imagine their ultimate show after-party? “We would have a POSTER GIRL spaceship sent up to the outer hemisphere for a zero gravity rave. Drinks would be served as floating liquid bubbles. Pets are allowed. And the guest list includes Cher, Tank Girl and local residents from nearby galaxies.” Count us in.

POSTER GIRL AW22 will premiere on Friday, January 18th. 

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Photos by Jack Bridgland
Creative direction by Oliver Volquardsen
Styling by Georgia Pendlebury
Starring Marjan Jonkman, Aweng Chuol, Jazzelle Zanaughtti aka uglyworldwide & Teddy Quinlivan