Tue 1st September

Published By Are The Makers of This Generation’s IT Bag

Text   Dino Bonacic

Best thing to come out of Austria since Mozart and Conchita Wurst, Ruby Wallen & Christoph Tsetinis are a fashion duo helming the conceptual bag brand that is about to take over the world.

From classical music through fine art, architecture and design, some pretty major names have emerged out of Austria throughout history. Gustav Klimt, Franz Schubert and Adolf Loos… To that list of culture-defining creatives you can now also add Ruby Wallen & Christoph Tsetinis, the duo behind PUBLISHED BY. Founded in 2017, their story originated as a design studio that has since merged the art of 3D modelling and production technologies with precision of craftsmanship in order to form their unique take on sculptural accessories.

Inspired by the clean lines of contemporary design, Christoph and Ruby are leading a sustainable revolution not only with the objects they make but also through the ways they are making (and selling) them. This year, PUBLISHED BY has launched their debut accessories collection for autumn/winter 2020 and it’s all about giving a fresh perspective to an industry that’s so often stuck in its old ways.


First up, let’s talk about the product. The initial collection includes a limited selection of bag and jewellery designs which are made through a mix of 3-D printing and repurposing of materials taken from automotive and hi-tech industries. The silhouettes of the PUBLISHED BY pieces have a sense of organic charm thanks to their irregular forms drawing inspirations from rocks and car parts. Christoph’s background as a carpenter comes in handy when it comes to moulding the pieces into their final forms. In addition to the bags, they have also launched with delicate yet powerful sterling silver jewellery, belts and harnesses that use fresh water pearls to juxtapose with the miniature variations of the signature PUBLISHED BY shapes. Draped chains as well as single pendants complete their gender-free vision of techno-bucolic beauty.

In addition to using sustainable materials in their pieces, the PUBLISHED BY production process is bringing a new solution to the issue of over-production the fashion industry has been particularly hit over the past six months. By developing their craft and technologies to the point of being able to make unique parts within a minimal time frame and creating designs beyond the constraints of traditional manufacturing, PUBLISHED BY are taking – and making – things at their own pace. With future projects focused more on the democratic nature of social media and its potential to take their product all around the world, it’s clear that we’re just looking at the start of something incredible.

You can now shop the first Published By collection at Browns Fashion.